If you are a Chelonoidis hoodensis turtle, there’s a 40 percent opportunity that Diego could be your dad.

Diego the tortoise is over 100 years old, 175 pounds, and thanks to his high sex drive, the father of concerning 800 children.


Diego is a Chelonoidis hoodensis, a varieties discovered mostly in Espanola, an island in the Galapagos island chain. Approximately 2,000 turtles stay on the island – 800 which are fathered by Diego. That’s 40 percent of the complete species’ population.

As reported by Yahoo by means of AFP, Diego and also six women tortoises live at a tortoise reproducing center on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos. While two other male tortoises are likewise supposed in order to help with repopulation, Diego is plainly grabbing the majority of the slack.

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Sadly, the six female tortoises that Diego shares a room with aren’t getting the same recognition as Diego.

The Daily Mail writes, ‘A sex-mad turtle which mores than 100 years old has actually solitarily saved his varieties from termination.’

Claiming that Diego ‘single-handedly’ saved his varieties is incorrect, as it cannot acknowledge the female tortoises who did all the tough work. The six female tortoises are the ones who expanded infant turtles in their bodies and laid eggs, while Diego simply had a number of unsafe sex.

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Hopefully Diego assists his baes dig their nests and take treatment of the eggs while they’re waiting to hatch.

[H/T: Yahoo]