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Not that continuity or facts matter any longer, yet in an alternate universe where those points mattered, you ‘d think Head of state Donald Trump would certainly have held back taking a holiday awhile after he got right into office.

Trump is established to spend the weekend break at his Mar-a-Lago hotel in Florida, where Politico reports he will hold several meetings and also telephone call amid doing things one does at a hotel. Certain. Fine. It’s not that the newly-elected leader of the world’s most powerful country, having made it through a lengthy and also ruthless campaign period, shouldn’t want to get out of Washington, D.C. for a bit. It’s just that he spent a lot time barrier against his precursor for leaving community.

Trump enjoyed to tweet digs at former President Barack Obama for taking a holiday or a golf break, as well as he liked to advise people that taxpayers paid for these breaks.

Trump’s weekend break (as long as a president is ever before truly taking a ‘break’) will set you back those taxpayers an approximated $3 million. Which, again, not at all unprecedented. It’s simply a wee little bit hypocritical.

Trump as soon as referred to Obama as a ‘regular vacationer.’ Obama spent 230-plus days vacationing throughout his eight years in the Oval Workplace. Former President George W. Shrub spent 533 days vacationing. Former Head of state Costs Clinton spent 174 days on vacation, inning accordance with CBS Information White Home contributor Mark Knoller.

We’ll see just how Trump piles up at the end of his term( s) in office.